Clearing Blocked Drains – 3 Effective Methods

clearing blocked drains

Do you have a stubborn clogged drain pipe in your home? You may have tried all of the standard methods of cleaning drains, but none seems to work the best. If you’re tired of having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive and hazardous chemicals and equipment, then you should consider using simple and natural ways to clear blocked drains. Some homeowners use soda and other home cleaning products, but those products contain harsh chemicals that could be harmful to your family.

Natural Ingredients

Before resorting to harsh chemicals, most people prefer to attempt clearing blocked drains without chemicals by using natural ingredients. One tried and true method is as follows: Place a wet bowl down the blocked drain and pour in at least one cup of hot water. This will force out all of the grease and water buildup, but it will also dissolve any solids found in the drain itself. The resulting liquid, along with the warm water, will flush all the excess debris and toxins out of the drain pipe.

Soda, vinegar, and lemon juice are some of the most common ingredients used in this process. For the most part, it’s best to use only natural products in this instance. If you want to save money and still use something as effective as baking soda, then, by all means, use baking soda.

However, if you have a stubborn clog, you should use a mixture of soda and vinegar, along with caustic soda. These two materials will effectively dissolve the clog, leaving your drain pipe clean and free from waste. The amount of soda or lemon juice that you need will depend upon how much build-up there is in your drain pipe. Use just enough to effectively clear away the waste, but not more than this. You’ll want to rinse the solution off thoroughly before putting it back in place.

clearing blocked drains

You’ll probably find that this method works better if the blockage problem is located in the larger drain pipe in your home. In addition to a large drain, there may be a smaller drain pipe that you can use to clear your blocked drain. For smaller clogs, a sponge or wire loop can work, but make sure that you don’t apply more than one loop to your drain. or you’ll end up damaging the piping in question. If you are using a wire loop to clear the problem, then you can simply bend a piece of paper towel around it to act as a loop so that the loop won’t slip through the tubing.

To break up the clog, simply remove the rubber stopper on the end of the trap. Then, take a piece of plumbers tape and attach the end of the tape to the trap. Using a screwdriver, pull the trap off the trap, allowing the stopper to come out of the trap. Now you’ll need to apply enough baking soda to soak the stopper. If you do it correctly, the baking soda will dissolve the clog and flush the trap from the pipe.

It’s a good idea to have a bucket nearby if you’re using this method because you’ll need to dispose of the excess baking soda afterwards. You may even want to take a bucket and dip it in the bucket for at least an hour or two. Just remember that a bucket full of soda isn’t exactly recommended.

You’ll also want to keep a water hose near you to prevent your home smelling or splashing. This can also help prevent damage to your pipes. A water hose is also useful to prevent sewage and other liquids from backing up into your home. It’s a good idea to keep a water hose nearby if you plan to clean up after yourself, as well.